Welded assemblies are one of our most requested components and require attention to detail and customer specification. We excel in producing welded assemblies for our clients that represent precision and polish in every order. We take pride in listening to our clients’ unique needs and leveraging our expertise and experience to deliver ideal solutions.

The critical first step to any manufacturing project involves fabricated components that are welded according to customer criteria. Depending on the size and scope of your project, we provide welded assemblies that feature our expertise in various manufacturing techniques.

We are able to do this for every customer, no matter the project specs, thanks to our highly skilled staff, which focuses on delivering the latest applications in manufacturing capabilities.  

Our client roster is diverse and representative of a variety of industries, evidence of our ability to customize deliverables based on the specifications of each individual project. 

Although most of our welding requests are TIG, we can also do MIG. Our most requested applications are for architectural needs — our hinge line. We also fill a number of requests for projects that require pressure vessel certification and, therefore, must be pressure tested. An example of this would be fuel nozzle bodies. No matter the assembly, we have the expertise and demonstrated advanced skills that allow us to deliver to your specifications. 

Our team is eager to connect with you about the welded assemblies you need to take your project to the next level and boost your business. Communication is key to every customization we deliver and we embrace a collaborative approach to all of our client requests. We look forward to working with you. 

As soon as you are ready to discuss the details that determine which welded assemblies you need, contact Interstate Manufacturing Associates and we will get started right away!