At Interstate Manufacturing Associates, we provide our clients with comprehensive CNC machining services, such as the following:  


Operated by computerized controls, milling is a material removal process able to create custom products and parts. It includes drilling holes, reaming and boring to tight tolerances, and various milling operations using tools of varying geometries to create contours of a part’s surfaces.  These can range from shell milling (a tool with multiple cutting points which rotates in the machine’s spindle) for a flat and uniform surface, to chamfer tools which break sharp edges on parts, to ball end mills which remove material in a concave geometry.  


Another computer-operated machining process, turning features single-point cutting tools secured in holders on a turret, which remove material in order to produce a custom shape. Unlike milling, where the tool rotates to engage the material, turning involves holding the material in a chuck or collet and engaging the moving part with tools which move in axial and radial directions to remove material, shaping the workpiece. Boring, grooving, and thread cutting are all examples of turning processes. 


As the name suggests, finishing is the last and can be the most time-consuming stage of the CNC machining process. In order to ensure the final product meets customer requirements, we rely on various processes like deburring, cleaning, polishing, painting, or sending out for various coatings and platings.  


At Interstate Manufacturing, we assemble and calibrate parts using liquid and gas flow testing. In order to ensure pressure vessel integrity, we pressure test all welded assemblies. 

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