Fuel nozzles, critical components of gas turbines, need consistent maintenance and monitoring in order to ensure optimal functionality. Often, due to excessive wear and tear or, in some cases, even non-typical distress, fuel nozzle refurbishment is required. 

Keeping your manufacturing project and production on track is non-negotiable, which means your operation will need professional fuel nozzle refurbishment from time to time. 

Reasons for Fuel Nozzle Refurbishment

Issues with fuel nozzle flows could be attributed to a host of reasons ranging from improper assembly, compromised check valve(s) operation, cracks in the nozzle or associated components, nozzle flow area changes, or simple manufacturing defects. 

Simple or not, these defects can pose serious consequences. Faulty fuel nozzle flows can result in higher emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides, which might also increase exhaust temperatures. These malfunctions can prove costly to a manufacturing operation if steps like fuel nozzle refurbishment are not taken in a timely fashion. 

Determining When to Refurbish Fuel Nozzles  

In order to determine whether your equipment requires fuel nozzle refurbishment or possibly replacement, Interstate Manufacturing Associates has developed a process to inspect and clean, calibrate, fine-tune, flow test, recondition, and, if necessary, refurbish your fuel nozzles. This applies to dual fuel, distillate, gas, water injection, as well as air and mechanically atomized nozzles. 

Once inspected, our team will then determine the reason for the lackluster nozzle function and recalibrate the flow of fuel, according to OEM requirements. Ultimately, our expertise optimizes your fuel nozzle functionality, supporting smooth operation for longer stretches of time, while reducing strain on these critical parts. 

At Interstate Manufacturing Associates, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of capabilities, both in-house and with contracted vendors, to support your manufacturing needs. 
For a thorough and expert evaluation of your operation’s fuel nozzles, contact Interstate Manufacturing Associates and schedule your fuzzle nozzle refurbishment.

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